Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons, Course


Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons, Course



Under the 2nd amendment, citizens of the United States are granted the right to bear arms. You, as a citizen, should really take advantage of this right and get a concealed weapons license. There are several reasons to get a concealed weapons license. First and foremost, it makes protection easy. If you are to be robbed, with no concealed weapons license and no concealed weapon, you could easily be defenseless. However, with the license and weapon, this is much less likely. In fact, in the case of most robbers, a simple reach for the back or side holster will scare them away, even though they do not know if you have a weapon. Also, if you are a fan of nonviolence, a little noise will even scare them away. A quick shot to an easily healable area can take down most of these robbers or attackers. They are usually very skittish. Thusly, a concealed weapons license is the absolute best form of protection. Who- Rick Seekman and Alex Ramirez What- Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons, Course Where-Vine Grive, KY call for directions When- Call for schedule usually every second weekend of the month Why- to provide instruction as to the Kentucky State Revised Statues, that governs the safety, maintenance, storage and carrying responsibilities for a CCDW License How- the course is an 8 hour course, with a $65.00 cost to the applicant, pay through site to hold your space. Or you can show up and try to walk on. (CASH only) Items needed: Personal Weapon Hearing Protection Safety Protection Safety Glasses Minimum of 50 rounds of ammo Cleaning kit Towel for cleaning Hat (with a bill) Water Contact Information: Rick Seekman Phone: Cell-270-307-0715 Home- 270-351-2917 Email: [email protected]


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