Whitetail R SnakeEye Camera


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The SnakeEye Camera allows you to view deep into those hard get at places. See it, photo it, even video it from your Android based smart phone, tablet or lap top. The 6 foot long cabled lens is waterproof and will work on firearms .22 cal and up, muzzleloaders, ATVs, chainsaw, vehicle engines, mowers, and more. If birdwatching is your passion, you can rig to watch the spring hatch in your backyard birdhouse! Operates on Android based operating systems, smartphones, and tablets with OTG as well as your pc or laptop. Utilize the free app.
Allows you to view deep into those hard to get at places on your Android smartphone, tablet, or laptop
See it, photo it, and even video it
Inspect firearms .22cal and up, muzzleloaders, ATVs, vehicle engines, and more
Provides 6 foot long cabled lens
Cabled lens is waterproof

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