SOG Elite Entrenching Tool Folding Shovel 26.0 in Overall


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When you need to get down and dirty, SOGs new Elite E-Tool (E, of course, stands for entrenching) is just the ticket. A shade over two feet in length, the E-tool can be deployed in conditions as varied as desert sand, backyard snow or around a campfire ring. The collapsible handle is packable and portable and even has a saw attachment hidden inside. The carbon shovel end will stay sharp and strong through it all.
Blade length: N/A
Overall length: 26.00 in
Blade material: 1075
Handle material: Stainless steel
Does not come with a sheath or a pocket clip
Weight: 1 lb. 8.80 oz
Finish: Black

Additional information

Weight 2.07 oz
Dimensions 12.55 × 8.65 × 2.65 in







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