LaserMax Centerfire Light-Laser Red-GripSense S&W 45


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The LaserMax LaserMax Centerfire Trigger mounted light and laser with Grip Sense for use on a S&W Shield 45 with red laser. Features dual activation with either Grip Sense or controlled push button. The Grip Sense technology does not alter your grip. Illuminate your target with a 100 lumen mint green light. Features an external battery access hatch with tool-less entry. It is easily programmable for steady or high -viz pulsed beam. Features a 10 minute automatic time-out which prevents inadvertent battery drain. The Grip Sense technology works with most gloves. Water Resistant.
Includes light and red laser
Dual activation capable with GripSense or controlled push button
GripSense does not alter your grip
External battery access hatch with tool-less entry
Water resistant design
10 minute automatic time-out prevents battery drain
Programmable for steady or high -viz pulsed beam

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