Guard Dog X-Series 26in Heavy Duty Metal Baton Silver


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The Guard Dog X 26″ Baton provides protection for law enforcement and military personnel, yet available for the general public. With a comfort foam handle grip, these batons offer the nearly indestructible build desired by the most tactical professionals. Coated with a brushed steel finish, the X-series baton swings with force, yet closes with a simple glide into the body. The weight of the baton allows for swift distance bridges with the upmost desirable results.
Heavy duty metal 26″ baton
Comfortable foam handle
Heavy duty friction-lock
Standard steel tip
Expandable and retractable
Premium multi-function holster included

Additional information

Weight 1.67 oz
Dimensions 11.75 × 2.75 × 2.5 in





Dog, Guard, Security


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