G-Sight .38 Special Training Laser Cartridge w-Pro App


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Elevate your skills to the next level using the caliber specific G-Sight Laser Training Series. Train virtually anywhere with the firearms you already own. Featuring a fire pin activated laser, receive instant visual feed back of your shots. G-Sights Laser Trainers present a hardened rubber primer, functioning much like a snap cap, ensuring the safety of your firing pin. Practice chambering, racking, tapping and malfunction drills, with the added ability of revamping dry firing into a clear bullet impact drill. A key component of G-Sight Laser Trainers are two O-rings, establishing a more stable and accurate fire down the barrel of the firearm. The O-Rings can be removed if sizing issues arise, you are not limited to the customizable features your cartridge posses. Train like a pro with the companion G-Sight Laser Training Pro App now available. A revolutionary learning platform the G-Sight Laser Training Pro App records your shots allowing the shooter to drill more efficiently. Excel your capability, capacity and performance with the G-Sight Training Series.
Activation : Striker, Firing-Pin, Hammer
Brass Construction
Rimless Design
Save money, time, ammo
Train at: 7-10 yards
Laser Training Pro App Download – 10 Shot Mode Free

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