Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up w-Lite Chart 1671


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The Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up has a unique round shape and thick insulation covers the entire hole to prevent freeze-up, even at 25F below! Seals the hole to keep blowing snow and slush out and blocks unnatural sunlight that can spook shallow water trophies. Features include: The Original Insulated Tip-UP. Comes in chartreuse for high visibility. Includes a #1677 Lil’ Shiner Tip-Up light shaft in shaft design allows for re-greasing. Covers 10″ hole Fits in 5-6 gallon bucket. Pre-lubed with Sub-Zero low temperature lubricant and dual trip settings, with a removable spool shaft.
Flag Lock: keeps flag in an upright position and visible regardless of wind conditions
Spinner Marker, Reel Handle, Trip Bar: offers 2 trip settings, light or heavy, revolves to show fish movement, and serves as a reel handle to retrieve line
Patented Hook Holder: keeps hooks and terminal tackle from tangling
Large Bait Clip: press the line into the bait clip to hold oversized baits from creating false trips. Line releases off the clip on a strike


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