Barska Master 200 Metal Detector


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Discover what’s hidden right under your feet with the Master 200 Metal Detector by Barska. The Master 200 Detector features a user-friendly interface that displays the type of metal it’s detecting right on the screen, so you’ll know immediately if you’ve detected “junk metal” or something more valuable like silver and gold. This saves you time by avoiding common metal items such as screws, nails, bottle caps, and lets you focus on the valuable items. The 10″ search coil is weather sealed and is capable of detecting in shallow water. With this easy to operate metal detection device, you’ll be hunting for coins, relics, and other unseen treasures in no time!
10 inch search coil
All metal / discriminate modes
Submergible search coil
Adjustable sensitivity
Low battery indicator
Arm rest and adjustable stem
Headphone jack and volume control

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