AimSHOT TXP Pistol LED Light Adjustable with Li-Ion Battery


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TXP AimSHOT Pistol LED Light Rechargeable Battery – Following in the footsteps of our revolutionary pistol mounted green lasers is the AimSHOT TXP Pistol LED light. Like our pistol green lasers, the TXP is powered by an ultra compact Li-Ion rechargeable battery that utilizes a standard micro USB port for convenient charging. Over an hour of high output light, and three modes to choose from (high/strobe/low) give you great versatility. 130 lumens of bright white light is all you need to easily identify a target in low light conditions at the ranges typical with a pistol. At less than 2 ounces, you won’t even notice the light! Ambidextrous buttons and user replaceable battery make the light functional for all users and durable. With the newly designed mounting system you can adapt the light to fit most rail systems on pistols from compact to full size. For most pistols with rails and locking slots, the mount will slide onto the rail and lock into place. One there you can pull up on the bottom adjustment tabs and this allows the light to move forward and rear on the mount for the best fit. So you can fit anything from a sub compact pistol like a Shield to a full size pistol like a Glock 22. Easy to adjust to fit all frames that have a standard rail system under the barrel.
Li-Ion Rechargeable battery with micro USB port for convenient charging
Ultra compact and adjustable to fit everything from compact to full size pistols with rails
130 lumen CREE LED light
Ultra light, less than 2 oz.
Fully adjustable quick attachment to fit compact to full size pistols

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