AimSHOT MT61173 Quick Release Camera GoPro Picatinny Mount


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MT61173 AimSHOT Quick Release Video Camera Picatinny Rail Mount!! Quick Release Personal Video Camera Mount has a quick release platform that allows you to mount any personal video camera (GoPro, Epic, Contour) to the flat mount and attach it securely to any picatinny rail. 35mm v 58mm base accepts adhesive mount from any camera system. Ideal for filming your hunts, training or target shooting with friends!
Quick release picatinny rail GoPro video camera mount for cameras such as GoPro, Contour, Garmin Virb, etc.
Ideal for mounting any camera that has a flat adhesive mount that you want to remove and replace on a picatinny rail quickly and easily
Adjustable tension to fit a wide variety of picatinny rails
Matte black, lightweight aluminum construction
35mm x 58mm base fits most adhesive mounts (included with cameras) and provides good stable platform for camera
Ideal for filming hunts and training. Face the camera forwards or backwards and exchange with friends quickly and easily with the quick release mount

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