AimSHOT KT-BS Basic Rifle Bore sight Kit


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KT-BS Aimshot bore sight kit- This kit includes the original BS223 laser bore sight module as well as the AR243 and AR3006 arbors to cover most of the major calibers. Will bore sight any 223 based caliber with the BS223 laser bore sight as well as any 308 based caliber (243, 7mm08, 338 Fed, 260 Rem) as well as 30-06, 270, 280, 25-06, 300 Savage, with the included AR3006 arbor. The 223 bore sight is compatible with all other AimSHOT rifle caliber arbors.
Includes 223 laser bore sight (BS223), AR243 and AR3006 arbors
AR243 will bore sight all 308 based calibers (243, 308, 7mm-08, Recommended sighting range: 20 Yards
Compatible with all 16 AimSHOT rifle arbors for additional caliber bore sighting
Machined out of solid brass so no issues with scratching chamber and maintaining close tolerances
Check alignment of optics before hunting season or if you suspect your zero may have shifted

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