Aimshot Heatseeker Black Hs3510B


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Pinpoint heat sources up to 300 yards away. The Heatseeker is like a metal detector for heat. This may be the most valuable tool you will ever own. Built-in laser sighting makes acquiring targets easier. Can be turned on or off. When silence is critical, it has adjustable volume with 7 volume increments. Runs on one 9V battery which is included. It’s 7 inch long and weights just 8-1/4 ounces. Includes belt pouch, earphone and wrist strap. Spot game, even in the thickest woods. You can find injured or downed game and detect thermal losses in buildings. Identify hot spots in equipment. Ensure safer building searches for military and law enforcement. Discover the presence of or differences in heat from almost any thermal source. 5 year limited warranty. 64 sensitivity settings,Operating Temperature: -40 degree F to 80 degree F
5 year limited warranty
64 sensitivity settings,
Operating Temperature: -40 degree F to 80 degree F
features the latest military and law enforcement thermal heat sensor technology
tracks up to 300 yards

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Weight 1.19 oz
Dimensions 8.9 × 4.7 × 3.25 in







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