AimSHOT BSB223G Green Laser Bore Sight .223 w- Battery Box


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AimSHOT Green Laser Bore Sight is a one of a kind. AimSHOT has taken our traditional external battery pack 332/5.56 laser bore sight and converted it into a high performance green laser bore sight with the addition of a green laser diode! Now you can have a professional quality green laser bore sight just like the gun smiths! With the external battery pack (2 AAA batteries included) and high output green laser, it’s no problem to get your optics mounted, even in full sunlight! Insert brass laser module into chamber and align scope reticle to match laser beam at 20 yards. Remove laser and proceed to the range for final adjustments at whatever range you want your zero.
Compatible with 16 rifle arbors for additional caliber bore sighting
Recommended sighting range: 20 Yards
Machined out of solid brass so no issues with scratching chamber and maintaining close tolerances
It’s no problem to get your optics mounted even in full sunlight
Modular external battery pack allows you to replace broken wire with new wire/battery pack easily
Check alignment of optics before hunting season or if you suspect your zero may have shifted

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