AimSHOT BS204 Laser Bore Sight for .204 Ruger


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AimSHOT BS204 Ruger 204 laser bore sight module is designed to make it quick and easy to bore sight your rifle chambered in 204 ruger. This is an actual laser bore sight, no additional parts are needed. Insert brass laser module into chamber and align scope reticle to match laser beam at 20 yards. Remove laser and proceed to the range for final adjustments at whatever range you want your zero. The Diode Module includes CR123 “button-type” battery cells and a foam lined storage c.
Ruger 204 laser bore sight
Recommended sighting range: 20 Yards
Machined out of solid brass so no issues with scratching chamber and maintaining close tolerances
Check alignment of optics before hunting season or if you suspect your zero may have shifted
Includes CR123 battery type battery cell
10-20 minutes run time

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