.30-06 Outdoors Longitude Two-Head Archery Sight System


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The Longitude Bow Sight addresses some key differences that set it apart from the competition. No doubt that the industry has made a lot of movable bow sights, but none quite like The Longitude Bow Sight. Longitudes trademark drive shaft system allows easy reach and use of the Rear Dial Adjustment. The extra-long dovetail rail allows for ideal peep and sight housing adjustment situations. A Magnifier has been added to allow easy reading of the yardage marks, that paired up with Ultra Bright .019 fiber optic, sight light, and level makes for a sight with attitude. Want a Bow Sight with even more attitude? Two heads are always better than one, so it was decided to add a 3 pin sight head along with a single pin head to the package. Yes that is correct, the Longitude Bow Sight comes with two heads. Quickly change out either head with two screws for your hunting or target needs.
Exclusive Drive Shaft system
Easy use and reach of rear dial adjustments
Comes complete with a 1 Pin head and 3 Pin head
Extra long Dovetail rail
Quickly change out heads with two screws
Ultra bright .019 fiber optic
Precision machined aluminum

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